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General Off-Topic / Re: Random Thread
« on: November 17, 2018, 08:51:03 pm »
I can't draw for shit and never have been able to. But I love the characters and the universe we created back in the day. I could probably write an internet novel of sorts set in the Brawl universe, but no one would read it lmao. But believe me, I genuinely unironically believe that the Brawl storyline and all the characters involved could make a killer movie, or video game, if somehow by some ungodly twist of fate someone could pitch it to a production company.

The concept I thought of was that it'd be an edgy dystopian future kind of dealio. The Brawlers are an underground ring of illegal fighters taking out their pent up aggression on each other, but, as the Brawler society grows, they become more and more power hungry and seek out various cybernetic enhancements and even channel ancient primal magic to gain "super powers" that allow them to fight with more style and vigour. The distant-yet-draconian global state begins to see this as a threat for obvious reasons, and seeks to crack down, but by this point things are too late. It dawns upon the Brawlers that, if they band together, they can overthrow the regime, and a state of anarchy and revolution breaks out in the city. Revolution isn't simple, however, and the Brawlers continue to form grudges and fight amongst each other, destroying vast swathes of the urban environment and, in some instances, terrorising the local population. From the far off global capital of this dystopian world, the powers-that-be decide that this anarchy-ridden city is too far gone and resolve to have it destroyed. They send forth the infamous "Big Bad Ron", a menacing mutant General that lives only to destroy, yet also has a powerful tactical mind and intellect. Big Bad Ron and his armies tear through the city, massacring the population and several minor Brawlers, and then point a mighty state of the art War Cannon at the centre of the metropolis to wipe it and all its surroundings off the face of the Earth. In the last moments, the Brawlers band together and combine their powers to create a forcefield of various elements, objects and energies, holding back a great deal of the force of the War Cannon and saving a minority of the urban landscape and some of the civilian population. Big Bad Ron and his armies retreat, realising the power of the Brawlers, and plot to fight them again another day.

In the wreckage, the surrounding region is decimated of most life and nature, being scarred white by the power of the War Cannon. The new region thus becomes named "The White Void" for its barren and inhospitable colourless nature. From the Brawlers, the noble Balto Boy takes up de facto leadership, and conducts a rebuilding operation on the city, now dubbed "Brawl City", and establishes the rudimentary workings of a state. The Brawlers continue to take up fighting as sport, putting on great tournaments and shows for the remaining civilian population, but they gradually descend back into old habits and, inevitably, start once again to fight each other in a more violent and vindictive fashion, occasionally destroying parts of the city and causing civilian casualties. But, in the background, darker and more menacing forces are at play. The Brawlers have to reckon with new enemies, as the competing alien empires of Zarth and the Deadly Virus descend upon Earth, fascinated by the appearance of this vast "White Void" and determined to conquer it. Meanwhile, further afield, Big Bad Ron and his armies still lurk on another continent, planning a war of their own to reconquer the Void and vanquish the Brawlers once and for all. What will become of this burgeoning civilisation? Which Brawlers shall emerge victorious in the ensuing wars, and who shall perish at the hands of these many evils?

So, yeah, that's my ridiculous pitch for a narrative Brawl reboot. I quite like it.

General Off-Topic / Re: Random Thread
« on: December 20, 2017, 03:00:45 pm »
Greetings, chaps.

Good to see you're all as lively as usual.

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