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Roster Rules and FAQ



1. No copying other people's Brawler design.

2. Original characters only, you can't have Kirby as your Brawler.

3. Do not make multiple threads, you can only have one thread to showcase your Brawlers. If you want a new one, ask a mod to delete the whole thread.


What is a roster?

-A roster is where you make a single thread dedicated to showcasing your Brawlers and their abilities.

How do I make one?

-You should make a thread titled after your username and then roster. An example would be "Des's Roster." Or you can be more creative with the title like, "Des's Super Awesome Brawlers." The catch is that it MUST CONTAIN YOUR USERNAME so others can find it.

What should it contain?

-Every roster should contain images of what the brawlers look like and information like their powers/abilities and a biography (bio is optional.) Additionally if you don't want to put information in the brawler image you can leave it as text.



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