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Drawing Tablet ?


I'm looking to spend around $600 on a drawing tablet. I expect to use it all the time for comics and concepts. My hand-drawn illustrations will be for personal use.

The most important part of getting this tablet is how often I will be using it (every day.) Drawing fanart comfortably is a must and I would prefer it to be the size of a sketchbook.

I can read reviews and forums all day but I've so far only found contradictions, interface problems, and user preferences. Seeing as how I can closely relate to wanting to draw like Des or Luzuese...

What is your preference and why ? If you find your tablet to be comfortable and reliable then I want it.

Help pls.

i just have this refurbished wacom bamboo I got for 50 bucks a long time ago.


--- Quote from: des on February 14, 2018, 04:11:29 am ---i just have this refurbished wacom bamboo I got for 50 bucks a long time ago.

--- End quote ---

I logged back into DevArt and noticed most artists are using cheaper tablets than the expensive ass ones I've seen.

It's just that if I get something I'm keeping for life, I like it to be the best version.

I'm thinking I'm about to spend like $70.

& I feel like not being able to draw on a screen will throw me off.

First off, no tablet lasts forever, they will break, I'm lucky that my sturdy 10 year old 50$ bamboo hasnt croaked but i'm also very soft with my hardware.
you will get used to a normal tablet very fast if you focus to learn with it, it's not perfect but its not that bad. A 50$ old ass bamboo is as good as an expensive intuos, you just end up getting used to what you have, PM had an enormous tablet, while one of my friends who is way better uses a super tiny one and used to only use a mouse.

If you're talking screens, i don't like that kind of investment unless you're gonna draw a LOT, but otherwise a huion is the only thing in your price range that'll be worth the while, but those things are not sturdy and might come with their own problems.

I eneded up buying a wacom intuos (?) for $75. It arrives tommorow.

As long as I will get used to it.

I've noticed online that everyone has owned a bamboo at some point or another lol

(Im starting to wonder the point of buying an expensive tablet)


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