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Author Topic: Grudge Match Rules and FAQ (READ FIRST)  (Read 4835 times)


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Grudge Match Rules and FAQ (READ FIRST)
« on: April 07, 2017, 09:26:43 am »
The Grudge Match Board is basically the same as the Main Arena, except it's more for one on one battles or stories. Main Arena rules apply here too so read them here:


Anyway, here are some guidelines that should be followed:

1. Make sure that the person you are grudging KNOWS about it, don't just start a thread without their knowledge.

2. Title your threads appropriately, an example would be using usernames: DES VS GRENT. Or using Brawler names: MARCKUS VS GUNSMITH. You can also add subtitles, like, MARCKUS VS GUNSMITH: FIREPOWER.

3. You can have a second Grudge Thread with a user if it's with new brawlers, or if you'll be using the same characters, the last Grudge needs to have a COHERENT AND SATISFACTORY CONCLUSION. If it doesn't it'll be deleted.

4. You can use the same thread if you want to reboot the match.

5. You may grudge yourself.

That's it for now, now go make it PERSONAL!